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My name is Guillaume Coste, I'm a 27yo web developper living in Toulouse, France.

I've been skating since I was 15yo, mostly streets and skateparks, until 4 years ago when I bought a penny and tried to go downhill on it. I found that it wasn't really appropriate and I needed something more stable to go down bigger hills, that's how I got into longboarding.

Longboarding redefined my vision of skateboarding, I discovered new sensations and another kind of freedom.
Throwing fast standup slides on super slidy wheels really is my thing. Sliding hands down is pretty shamefull to me !

I am currently riding a Moonshine Outlaw, Gold painted Bear Kodiaks, and Powell Peralta Snakes. My favorite setup so far.

I quickly became involved in the local longboard scene, helping out our local association : ALT, of wich I'm now president.
Every year, in september, we organise a freeride: Back To The D35. On september 9th 2017 we organised a freeride at the Col de Menthé, wich is a 2.5km long road with 13 hairpins. There are more than a hundred riders comming from every part of France and even Spain.

Last summer, with the help of our local skateshop, I organised a (non official) slide jam with over 30 participants.
Being sponsored would be a great oportunity make more of these events with a better support. It would also be a great oportunity to get even more involved in the longboard community, have a chance to discover new spots and ride with new people so I could get even better !


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Mont saint loup


Where have I been ? What have I skated ?

KNK Week 2 - 2017

Back to the D35
2014, 2015, 2016

Montaut Express
2015, 2016, 2017

Flying Wheels Source Classic
2016, 2017

Ibardin Longboard Fest
2016, 2017

2015, 2016

Slide jam pirate